Theme parks
10,000 square meters of space
90+ professional activities for children
4 countries of operations under exclusive franchise agreements

Innova Partners is an operator of KidZania parks in Russia, the US, France and Canada. The KidZania concept is based around children's edutainment parks which provide children aged 4-14 with an opportunity to emulate professional experience in activities sponsored by real life well-known brands. The KidZania park in Moscow was launched in January 2016. The first park in the US is expected to be launched in Dallas in 2018.

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52 professionals in internal R&D department
15 countries of operation, including CIS, EU and Middle East
350+mn vaccine applications since introduction

Petrovax is a leading Russian company engaged in research, development and production of innovative pharmaceuticals. The company owns a portfolio of original products, including vaccines, immune system medicines and prolonged biotech drugs. The company operates a modern GMP-compliant facility in the Moscow Region with annual capacity in liquid forms well above 150mn doses. Petrovax was one of the first Russian companies to receive a European GMP certificate and remains one of the few exporters of locally developed and produced drugs into the EU and the Middle East.

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5,000+ km annual cable output
100+ sea vessels equipped
100+ patents and inventions

United Cable Group is a producer of high value-added specialty cables for naval and civil shipbuilding, oil & gas and power generation industries. United Cable Group operates a modern full-cycle production facility in the Moscow Region. The company utilizes a number of unique technologies such as cable irradiation, which allows production of cables resistant to extreme temperatures and pressure. United Cable Group’s R&D team constantly works on improving existing products and introducing new cable types with advanced properties.

2014 first store opened
3,000+ SKUs in each store
1.5+ mn monthly store visitors

ZaOdno is one of the fastest growing dollar store chains in Russia, founded by a group of entrepreneurs in early 2014. The company offers a wide range of affordable products in both food and non-food categories at 3 price points. Today ZaOdno operates in the Central region of Russia. The company plans to grow into a nation-wide chain with stores located in all major metropolitan areas and small to mid-sized towns.

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Used car marketplace
More than 30,000 active partner dealers
More than 330,000 cars traded in 2016
Business operations in 30 countries

Founded in 2012 in Germany, Auto1 is the leading European used-car marketplace currently operating 320 branches all over Europe. The company buys used cars from private sellers and sells them through its global dealership network. Prices are determined by a proprietary pricing algorithm. In 2016 the company reported revenue of EUR 1.5 billion compared with EUR 750 million the previous year.

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Online healthcare
8.2mn monthly users
2.5mn+ doctor appointments since start
1.5mn doctor profiles

Docplanner is one of the largest European SaaS and lead generation platforms for healthcare services. The platform provides a software solution for clinics and general practitioners to manage and maintain their client flows. The service helps patients to find local healthcare specialists and book appointments online. The doctor selection process is assisted by ratings, reviews and opinions posted on the website by its users. Docplanner is the market leader in Poland, Turkey, Hungary and Italy.

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Online video
30% annual growth in video views
30,000+ content items available through site
27 mm monthly unique visitors is a leading online cinema portal in Russia, offering its audience free ad-supported access to over 30,000 Russian and international content titles, as well as pay-per-view and a subscription library of top blockbuster movies and TV-series. The company’s video platform is available through all key Smart TV and mobile devices, as well as on the web. was established in 2010 and is currently the top online video site in Russia by audience and revenue.

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95% online classifieds market share via portfolio companies
91% e-commerce market share via portfolio companies
40mn internet users in Iran

Pomegranate is a Stockholm-based investment holding company founded in 2014 with a focus on the evolving internet consumer sector in Iran. Pomegranate’s main holding is Sarava, which is Iran’s dominant venture capital firm with a market leading presence in general e-commerce and online classifieds segments.

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